09 May, 2012

A Mini Concert

When Teacher Matthias asked if Jayden would like to perform in his mid year mini concert, we happily obliged.  I'm always happy to have Jayden perform at any opportunity available.  Not that I want him to show off his ability to play the violin, but to let him get used to perform for the public.

The mini concert was a very suitable occasion for Jayden to perform and to gain confidence in playing in front of audience because the audience consist only a small number of people that consists of fellow students of Teacher Matthias and their parents.  It's not as scary as playing in front of a big group of strangers.

But this time round we had a pleasant surprise.  As we waited for the concert to start, we were told to wait for awhile more for a special audience.  And the special audience was a little girl who we were told, is inspired to play the violin.  This little girl's mom suggested that she learn to play the piano instead, but she insisted wanting to try out the violin.  

And when the little girl and her mom arrived, we recognized her as Jayden's schoolmate from the K1 class, little S.

Her mom was equally surprised to see Jayden and I!  We were told that Little S wanted to learn the violin because she was inspired by Jayden's performance during last Christmas where he played "Jingle Bells" during the school's celebration.  Little S' mommy said Little S will always mimic the way the violin is played whenever she hears any music that resembles the sound of the violin!

Jayden performing 3 pieces from ABRSM Grade 3 syllabus
1.  March by Mr Handel   2.  Londonderry Air   3.  Mango Walk.

I am glad to know that Jayden has inspired Little S.  

To inspire and to be inspired, that should be the learning spirit.