17 April, 2012

So Close By

Whenever Jayden is near finishing his music books, he gets very excited and keep reminding his teacher that he should be given a new book soon.

In another 1 or 2 weeks' time, Jayden will be done with his Fiddle Time Runners violin book and from there he will proceed to Fiddle Time Sprinters.  Not just Jayden is excited, I'm excited too whenever anyone one of us advances or be needing any new violin / music related book.  New book, new pieces, new techniques!

And we are lucky to be residing near 2 very well stocked and well equipped music stores that carries majority of the music books and instruments.  Synwin main branch is just 7mins' walk away and Gramercy is also about the same distance away.  It's just that they are both in opposite directions from our place.

But which one would I usually check out first? 

I personally like to visit Gramercy whenever we need new books.  I like the way the store looks and the feel it gives me.  Whenever I push through the doors of Gramercy, I'm always greeted with the ringing of the bell that's attached to the door, signaling to the staff that a customer has entered the store.  With a soothing classical music playing in the background, it makes me feel as if I've stepped into another world, totally forgetting that the store is just located on the busy street of Tanjong Katong.
The books are arranged in category of different instruments and then according to composer's name and etc etc. Books can be quite easily located and I am always free to browse through the books without a salesperson breathing down my neck.  That is why I've signed up for their membership and I get a 10% discount for all purchases.

Not that I don't like Synwin.  In actual fact, both Jayden's and my violin are from Synwin and they provide professional and good service whenever we bring our violins back for minor maintenance like changing of strings, clamps and cleaning.  Be it how simple and trival the problems may be with our violins, the service people at Synwin always solve them with a smile.

But the layout of Synwin's store at the East is in such a way that it would be impossible to browse through the books as all the books are shelved in a corner that seems like only staff are permitted to step in.  Not browsing-friendly.  Haha!  So everytime I go there, it's like ~ step into the store, ask for the item I need, pay for it and leave.  The only time I'll spend more than 30mins there is when we are fixing our violins, or when we are getting a new violin.  But I must say Synwin has a good stock of books because what I didn't find in Gramercy, I got it at Synwin.


Thankfully we don't need to buy books much. ;D

I have bought scores for my elder boy from Gramercy during sale though. They are usually well-stocked. Music Essentials is too - I personally prefer the violins from there though.