19 April, 2012

My New Toys & An Old Feud

My new toys, all acquired over a span of 2 weeks.

Toy Number 1 ~ The Oven

Bought this Iona brand oven at the recent Megatex Electrical and IT fair at Expo.  Got it at a real good deal, $85 and it's a 28 litre oven.

Toy Number 2 ~ The Electrical Mixer

Also bought it at Megatex at $36.  What a steal!  Haven't really try it out, but looks good enough to make my chiffon cake, butter cake, swiss roll and all other cakes that I fancy!

Toy Number 3 ~ The breadmaker

The most costly toy among the 3 and so far the most utilize one.  Three times I have attempted to bake the bread with it.  But three times I was disappointed.  Not with the machine, not with the bread but with myself.

I remembered when I was in my secondary school days, especially during my secondary 4 and 5 days, we made bread and 包 a couple of times in our Food & Nutrition practical lessons.  Each time, during the proving of the dough, I will be put off by the smell that the fermenting yeast emits.  So all the bread and/or 包 that I've made will usually be given out to my family members or friends.  I could not swallow them no matter how hard I tried.

21 years passed.  And for the pass 21 years I haven't bake one single loaf of bread or made one single 包.  And yes, I have totally forgotten how the fermenting yeast smells like.  I thought I could overcome it,  I thought the breadmaker will help me forget about it.  After all, we are just supposed to dump all the ingredients into the breadmaker and viola!  A loaf of sweet smelling, hot and fluffy bread I will get!

But no.  I could still smell it.  And it made me remember the days again, where me and my classmates, all in the school kitchen, rolling out the smelly dough and joking away that we were a group of palace maids, locked in the kitchen and do nothing but roll dough and make 包 all day long!  Haha!

The breadmaker did produce a loaf of sweet smelling, hot and fluffy bread, with nice golden crunchy crust.  "Delicious bread!"  I told myself.  我在骗谁啊!  No matter how hard I tell myself NOT to get too paranoid with the smell of the yeast, it's there!

I still remember there was once, when Jayden's violin lesson just ended and at that time Teacher Matthias' studio was still in the apartment that comes with a kitchen, there was a aroma of wholemeal bread floating in the whole living room area!  And Jayden boldly said "Wah, smell so delicious!  Can I have some of your bread?!"

And after I so painstakingly carried this 5kg little fella back all the way from OG, I told Daddy "I too, can make delicious smelling bread for Jayden!"

How come my bread don't smell like that?! @#$%^&*!!!!!!  What did I do wrong?! 难道是隔壁阿婆的饭比较香 theory?! 

Ok lah, I admit.  I shouldn't buy this breadmaker on impulse.  Daddy always tell me "If you have the urge to get something that's expensive, think about it for 3 days, and if after the third day, you still have the strong urge of getting it, then go get it."  I only thought about it for 2 nights.  And for that 2 nights I read everything about it on the web that I could find.  It's 99% positive and 1% negative.  So my decision should be right, right?

Anyway, it's nobody's fault.  Not the machine, not the 99% positive feedback from the users, not the sudden trend of everybody's baking your own bread, not Teacher Matthias' and not Jayden's fault.

It's the yeast and me.  I wonder if anyone out there has the same reaction to the yeast as me.  Or is it just me?

So for now, it's still bread from Sunshine and Breadtalk.  The cute little bread machine will have to sit there and wait for me to work out the feud between the yeast and me :,(


poor thing!! =(
I cant stand chk bones de smell!!! =x


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I used to bake bread too but ever since my breadmacine died on me, I stopped baking bread as the kneading process is way too time-consuming. For me, I don't usually follow the bread recipe to a T. If the yeast content is too high, I will reduce :P Hope to see your fluffy fresh bread one day :)