20 February, 2012

Fear To Fold

I have a love-hate relationship with origami. In fact I'm lousy with art and craft. And I believe Jayden takes after me.

Why? Because in his last year's progress report, one of the comments that his Teacher made was "can have further improvement in Art & Crafts". I am aware of his unwillingness in getting his hand dirty with paints and glue, folding the wrong corners of papers, etc etc etc. I'm actually ok with him for not being enthusiastic in this area as compared to his crazy passion for soccer. But Teacher says "I hope Jayden can be an all-rounder!" *Roll eyes*.

And for last Christmas, the same the teacher who made the remark, gave Jayden a box of easy-to-do origami gift box for kids. Such a devoted teacher!

So came one week Jayden had to stay off school as he was down with viral fever. We were trying to figure how to pass time and then I suddenly remembered the box of origami papers.

Hid my fear, mustered up my courage and I managed to convince myself and Jayden to try to follow the instructions and fold up some easy origami mask.
The origami pack has many interesting animal masks with dotted lines readily printed for easy folding. It wasn't that bad after all! And we managed to do fold quite a number of masks, from very easy to a little more... erm... complicated. Complicated for the both of us, but I guess it's fairly easy for an other adults.

We had a good one hour of folding, arguing (which part to fold first!) and bonding. Not too bad for 2 beginners! Maybe, just maybe, we'll try the more complicated, more intricate origamis next time.