02 January, 2012

New Year! New Look!

It's year 2012! A new year again!

It's time for a revamp for the again much neglected blog. It's been more than a year since I last put in a post. Time flies. I didn't even notice that the blog has once again, been neglected for this such long period of time this time round.

I'm sorry for not responding to the comments / requests that some of you have posted. I can't believe there are still people who actually continue to read this much neglected blog. A resolution for the new year ~ pay more attention to Jayden's (and also my own) blog and put in more entries!

Oh yeah, thanks to Daddy, we have a new look for Jayden's Journey. This time round I've requested for the blog to have a more clean, clear and simple design as compared to the last one. I also did a bit of cleaning up and removed links that aren't working anymore.

What have we, Jayden and I achieved for the past 1 year and 2 months?

~ We took our first long haul flight to United States and we did it without much hiccups!

~ Jayden graduated from his Suzuki Violin class at Mandeville Music School at April and started his one-to-one violin lessons.

~ Jayden participated in the national wide CMA Arithmetic and Abacus competition in May and came in 3rd for both categories!

~ Jayden started taking professional football training in June at Arsenal Soccer School League and his favourite coach is Coach Marciel!

~ Mommy took her first ABRSM violin exam for Grade 1 in September and scored a Distinction!

~ Jayden was given a longer piece of violin duet to practice in October, for his end year concert.

~ Finally, after practicing the piece of 4minute long violin duet for 2 months, Jayden performed the piece with his Teacher at the Matthias Oestringer Year End Student Concert on 11 December!

The above sums up more or less the significant events of year 2011! Of course there were many ups and downs but with the new year starting let's just think of all the positiveness and forget about all the bad stuff :)

And here is the video taken during Jayden's violin duet performance with Teacher Matthias Oestringer. By the end of his duet performance, I was beaming from ear to ear, and I'm sure so was Daddy :)


Nice! I enjoyed watching the video! How old is Jayden?

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Thank you :) Glad you enjoyed it. Jayden is turning 6 this March.