16 October, 2010


I have been neglecting Jayden's blog lately. Too caught up with too many other things relating and non-relating to Jayden including taking a week's off to Club Med Phuket and me being more active in my hot yoga practices at a new yoga studio.

Life goes on. And the child is still absorbing like at sponge till this day. Jayden is picking up fast with the abacus at CMA Arithmetic Center and the teachers reported that he's is progressing fast and eager to learn.

True enough, with around 14 pages of homework given, Jayden was able to finished it within 2 days and asking for more. I couldn't let him progress further without the teachers' coaching fearing that I might teach the wrong concept even though I roughly know how the method works.

He's really concentrating on his abacus homework :) He really love using the abacus.

The music appreciation lessons has also came to and end and we finally had our Saturdays freed! Thank goodness, less 1 day to brace the crowd at United Square. But still we have to go back to United Square every Sunday for Jayden's Suzuki Violin lessons.

Playing the violin is something that I yearned for when I was young. But because of our family financial conditions then, I wasn't able to realized. I am grateful to Jayden for giving me the chance to realize it now.

Taking the violin lessons together with Jayden is somewhat stressful, challenging and stretching my patience to its limit. Violin is something that is totally strange and new to the both of us. At times I had to admit that my patience could run thin as I will insist Jayden gets every motion and rhythm correct. I have to constantly remind myself not to push him too hard.

Here is a snapshot of Jayden trying to perfect his violin position on his foot chart in his playroom.

Will Jayden be a great violinist? Nobody knows what's in store for the future. For now I will be very contented if he could play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!



how's he doing with his violin lessons now? 1 year already, right?