15 June, 2010

What's Cooking ~ Home-grilled 叉烧

After seeing Jenny making very tasty 叉烧 and grilled honey chicken with it I had to go buy it. It's rather straight forward and easy to use. It cost less than SGD170.00 for a mid size grill (it comes in 3 sizes) and with 2 simple-to-follow recipe books included. I really like this U-LIKE grill!

There's a daily demo at CK Tang with the sales person showing you step by step how to bake a simple chiffon cake with the grill and how to grill nice chicken wings and butter prawns. He was so nice to have showed me how to bake the cake twice when I told him I wasn't pretty sure how to do it.

The cake was really good. Light and fluffy. But I've yet to try it out on my own.

This is what I've accomplished the other day.


After 2 failed attempts which resulted in charred 叉烧, I finally got it right! It was good! Nothing beats home-cooked stuff! The grilling part just took about a mere 20 to 25mins but the marinating has to be done at least 4 hours beforehand to really let the sauce go into the pork.

I've also done Grilled honey glazed boneless chicken thighs which tasted really as appetizing as the 叉烧. I have to remember to take a picture of that the next time before I sank my teeth in it!

These both dishes Jayden takes it really well. Probably because they are on the sweet tasting side. It goes really well with plain rice!

Not sure if the guy who does the demo would be willing to let me video down the full process of baking the fluffy chiffon cake... I wonder.



Can I know the grilled honey chicken recipe? Thanks. If possible, have it mail to me at lovely81@gmail.com. Thanks