14 June, 2010

What's Cooking ~ Apple & Fig Soup

I've been cooking this soup many times for the past 2 weeks.

I like it because Jayden likes it. I practically like whatever the kid likes. If he takes it well, I will just cook it for him as often as I could.

You can find the recipe here. Thanks to Janie who gave me this link and that's how I learned to cook this soup for Jayden. What a lifesaver Janie is! I've been cracking my brains to cook different varieties of soup for Jayden almost everyday.

This picture that I took, doesn't look as appetising as the one that's shown here. Mine seems to have alittle more oil floating on the top, probably that's because I've used pork ribs and bones instead of lean meat suggested in the recipe. I like my soup with a teeny-weeny bit of oil and I was told by the butcher that pork bone makes sweeter soup!

I particularly like the functions of the ingredients used in this soup : heals and relieves cough, expel phlegm. Just what my kid would need when he's down with the coughing bug!

Try it out and you will see :)


You are such a wonderful mommy! Jayden is so lucky to have you. Thanks for the link back and glad that he likes the soup. I just noticed that our sons are of the same age with 1 month difference. What a co-incidence! ;)

So sorry, my son is one year older than yours. LOL!