13 June, 2010

Progress Report

It's been another topsy-turvy month for May.

Jayden had another bout of high fever and bad cough. Once bitten twice shy. This time round I didn't want to wait for too long and got him admitted to Parkway East hospital.

Thank goodness it wasn't as serious as the last time. After a 3 days' stay, he was discharged. With a week of rest at home, he was good to resume school last week.

And last Saturday we had the Parents-Teacher meeting with Ms Jasmine at Zee Juniors to discuss about Jayden's progress in school for the first half of year 2010.

This is the summary of the report.

What Jayden has achieved

Jayden is a well-mannered boy who interacts very well with his friends and he never fails to greet the teachers in school. he is an intelligent child who grasps new concept fast and is a very independent worker who does not need much assistance from his teachers.

Jayden is able to blend and read there-letter words proficiently. He has a very good memory and is able to use the words he has learned into his work. He is able to read instructions and follow the steps without much help. he produces excellent reading skills for his age. Jayden will be able to proceed on to Blue Series (Consonant Blends) once he has completed the Pink Series Worksheets.

Jayden is good with numbers. He picks up the mathematical concepts with ease and is able to retain what he has learned. He is currently working with numbers within ten and subtraction sums. He will be moving on to numbers 11-20 in the coming semester.

Jayden participates passionately in the Creative areas (Arts & Crafts, Cookery and Music & Movement). He can sing and dance very well. He can also remember the lyrics very well. He shows great interest in Cookery and will ask when he has doubts. He is able to remember the ingredients being used. Jayden can draw very well and is able to follow steps by steps instructions either for drawing or painting, etc.

Jayden enjoys his time in school with his friends especially during outdoor play. He loves to jump on the trampoline and chase his friends on the tricycle.

Jayden is gradually eating better during lunchtime after some encouragement. He is still eating a small portion for his meal but is more willing to try out new dishes.

Keep up the good work, Jayden! It is a joy to have you in class! Three cheers for you!

承恩是個非常聰明可愛的小男孩。他的头脑灵活, 记忆力好, 对华文有着浓厚的兴趣。 在华文课堂上, 他认真听讲, 积极回答问题, 老师讲授的知识掌握得很快而准确。 华文作业能够积极独立地完成, 口语表达方面也不断提高, 局继续努力!

Even though Jayden missed 2 months' of academic learning from school due to the severe lung infection episode, Ms Jasmine reported that Jayden is still in advance of his learning as compared to some of his classmates and was able to catch up with the work he had missed. Ed and I were very glad to hear that. We wanted to let Jayden take his time to pick up the pace of learning where he left before he was down with the infection and afraid that he might find it hard to start the school routine again. Seems like our worries were unfounded!

It's been one year since Cherie Hearts took over the management of Zee Juniors. We were glad that we let Jayden stayed on to the school despite that there were several times we did think of switching him to another school because of the messy transitional period. The school now is well organized and the teachers are a dedicated bunch.

After the official meeting session, Ms Jasmine and I had a short informal discussion... and I'm relieve to hear that she's most willing to work hand in hand with me to help improve on Jayden's eating habits and diet. It's really hard to find teachers who are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty these days. Let's just hope Jayden's immune system will improve as days goes by and will not keep missing his school days often.