26 June, 2010

Mandeville Music School

It has never occurred to me that I've not blog about Mandeville Music School until Ivy asked for my comments about the school and the lessons that Jayden is attending.

Counting back, Jayden has been attending the Pre-Schooler Exploration for coming to 9 months. For the first 3 lessons, Ed and I would take turns to accompanied Jayden in class. The kids would sing, dance and learn musical notes. It's all very simple and basic music knowledge like clapping to the rhythm and learning to use some basic instruments like the cabasas, the triangle etc...

On the fourth lesson we were told by the Teacher to leave our kids on their own in the classroom so that she can have full reins on teaching, guiding and disciplining the kids. Not a bad idea for parents who would like to take a 45mins break or a quick shop at United Square.

After each lesson, Jayden would come out of the classroom in high spirits, singing to the tune he just learned or dancing to the rhythm. I would asked him if he enjoyed the lesson or what has he learned in there and he would happily tell me all about his classmates, the new notes he learned or the new clapping to a new rhythm. He was also given some simple homework every week like identifying the different types of notes and simple coloring. All in all, I think Mandeville is quite a good place to start the child on music appreciation.

The only setback that I could ever think of is not of the school but the mall that the school is situated in. United Square is really crowded during the weekends. As there are alot of schools there offering enrichment classes for kids, the crowd can get abit overwhelming. Searching for parking lots also posed a problem. At bad times we spent 15mins just entering the car park and up to 30mins just looking and waiting for a parking lot.

Ed and I are looking into starting Jayden on is violin lessons at the 3rd quarter of this year and Mandeville is one of the few schools that offers Suzuki violin lessons. That's also one of the reasons why we chose Mandeville in the first place.

Looks like we may have left with not much choice but to continue bracing ourselves to face the weekend crowds of United Square every week.

The grouchy monster obviously not in a good mood to take pictures!