17 June, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day

Jayden was holding this two items in his little hands when I went to pick him up from school yesterday.

He was so excited and keep asking me if Daddy's home from work already. I had to repeatedly tell him that Daddy will be back soon and he'll just have to be patient and wait at home.

"Is daddy back yet? What time will he be home? I have to tell him Happy Fathers' Day!".

Sometimes it really takes quite a bit of patience to answer the many repeating questions of a 4 year old boy.

The cake is really pretty with the heart-shape sprinkles all round. I'm rather amused with the fine prints that's stated on the note. It says "please return container after wash." The cute little green pebble is 100% hand-painted by Jayden and I really like the shimmering heart shape.

It was good that Daddy came home a little earlier than usual and Jayden excitedly presented the gifts he made to Daddy with a beaming smile. I cut a small slice of the cake and shared it between the 3 of us. The kid picked out the heart-shape sprinkles and ate them separately.

Happy Fathers' Day to all Daddies!