16 April, 2010

What's Cooking?

I did said that I've been cooking more often lately, haven't I? Here's a pic of the Teriyaki Salmon fish that I've cooked up for dinner 2 nights back!

Not too bad consider I've only tried frying fish twice! Thanks to my dad as he brought me to the wet market that's called Bedok 58 八刹。This particular fish stall only sells 生鱼片and 雪鱼 (cod fish) and salmon slices. I was amazed how the stall owner slices up the 生鱼片so thinly!

For SAHMs like me who don't really favor steaming or handling whole fish, this is really a awesome way of getting nice fresh fish without the scales and bones! I bought all 3 types of fish!

I cooked the cod fish the other night but I was too eager to try out the taste and forgot about taking a picture of it. Surprisingly, I followed this mom's amazing method and it really covers up the fishy smell of the cod fish really well! Ed liked it and Jayden ate it!

As for the salmon..... it tasted really nice and not as fishy provided you eat it hot and fast after cooking it. It can taste a tad fishy after a while. Comparing the salmon with the cod fish, Ed prefers the latter. But Jayden takes both of them!

I guess I will be visiting this stall pretty often from now on!