19 April, 2010

What's Cooking? ~ Steam Red Grouper Fillet

An easy lunch that I've cooked for Jayden yesterday.

The Red Grouper fillet tasted really good! I placed a few slices of ginger on top of it before I steamed it so as to eliminate any fishy smell. But there weren't any at all. The sauce for the fish was easy. I bought a bottle of superior soy sauce specially for steam fish, dilute a tablespoon of it with half a bowl of water and a little bit of sugar. Bring the sauce to a quick boil in a shallow frying pan and pour it to the fish when it's half cooked. Continue to let it simmer together with the fish.

Jayden loved the fish and took the smaller piece plus a little corner of the bigger slice. A great improvement consider last time he didn't even want to have a small bit of it! The sauce tasted really good with the rice and he ate up almost a full bow with it. Thanks to Jenny again, her cooking tips are good!

What's missing from the picture was the soup that my maid cooked. We had carrot and corn soup with red dates and Chinese mushroom. I got to admit, she's getting really good at cooking all these Cantonese soup. I always joke with her, telling her she can go home and set up a soup stall selling all these nutritious soup she learned to cook!