10 April, 2010


To Chocklitmom's request, here is a pic of my Marc by Marc Jacob tote bag. The size is just nice for me and I can dump lots of stuff in it and still look good. There's a MMJ Hobo that I'm eyeing at. Maybe I can post a pic of it soon?! :)

Here is a slice of the signature chocolate cheesecake from Lil' Foot Patisserie. It taste as good as it looks!

Did I mention that I've started knitting again? Here is the pair of socks that I've just completed. I regret I never brought it along with me when I was in the hospital with Jayden. The room temperature can go really low and my feet were freezing cold!

Now that I've started knitting again I wonder if I should start a knit blog again. Over the years I've tried to maintain a knit blog but to no avail. We'll see how long I can knit for this time round and maybe if I can stay focus enough, who knows, I could just start my knit blog soon!

The little cheeky fella insist on putting my knitted socks on even though he knows that they were too big for him!

This is another pair of socks that I've just started. Cookie A's Monkey socks. They are so fun and easy to knit!

This pic was taken by my sister during one of the many visits at the hospital 2 weeks' back. His smile was so sweet that I cannot resist posting it on my blog.

I've been cooking for this cheeky fella these days as nothing beats home cooked food. But once in awhile I'll still run out of recipes and ideas what to cook and how to make the dishes more interesting. I'm trying hard.

We have also ordered $200 worth of bottles of Pediasure Ready-to-drink from Abbott to put Jayden back on drinking milk again. I remembered when one of the doctor (while we were still in KK Hospital) told me that fresh milk is not good enough, especially for kids like Jayden, picky and underweight. She said Pediasure is the best. Ok enuff said, Pediasure it will be.

Oh, it's time to go prepare lunch. Gotta go cook!


Hehehehehe. You've satisfied this shopaholic's curiosity. The tote is chic and handy ah. I think that size is just nice for mummies. I saw a purple MMJ hobo the other day. V nice. :)

Poor Jayden, it's a good thing he's better now.