06 April, 2010

Jayden Is 4 Years Old

This was meant to be posted earlier but because of the pneumonia episode it was being delayed.

Better late than never. Here are the wonderful pictures captured on the special day that's being marked on my calendar yearly.

Too bad Ed was in London, he missed the big day. He will have to make it up to Jayden when he certified all well and fit to venture out of the house by the doctor 1 and a half weeks from now.

Pictures taken during the day at school. Jayden did the cake cutting, giving out the cakes and his party goodie bags to his friends in school.

In the afternoon at Kidz Explorer, letting him running crazy and having fun with his cousin Natalie and our maid Anna.

I love it when he does the cheeky look smile. Cheeky fella!

On Saturday, right before his musical lesson. We had another small dimsum celebration with his two 阿姨 and favorite cousin Natatlie at the Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine at Crowne Plaza Hotel.