11 April, 2010

Back To His Old Self

He's getting more demanding and probably because I want to make it up to him of what he has gone through at the hospital I let him get his ways.

But there are still times that I will instill discipline when he has gone overboard.

He's happily playing with the balloons that we have got for him during his stay at the hospital. Every day he would pick out one of them and walk around the ward just like bringing a dog for a walk. Now he will let them float around the house.

This is a hand print painting that his teacher had brought to him during one of her visits at the hospital. I forgot to include it in my earlier postings. So thoughtful of his schoolmates and teachers. Jayden was very happy when he saw the familiar names and hand prints. He went "Oh that's Marcus Aw's hand print! It's big!"

Next Tuesday he will be going back to the hospital for his outpatient appointment with the specialist and a chest x-ray will be taken. Hope by then he will be fully covered and getting ready to go back to school. He misses his schoolmates and teachers too.