05 March, 2010

Running Around

35 degrees Celsius. That's how hot it was yesterday. I was perspiring under the scorching sun running around, finalizing all that has to be finalize for next Thursday.

Right after my spin class I set off to the baker's again to finalize the decorations and the size of the cake. Yesterday during our first meeting with the baker, we have decided the theme of the cake to be Racing Car Track theme and I am to provide 6 of Jayden's favourite F1 racing car. Immediately I rushed off to the mall and got him 3 racing cars and 3 other fanciful cars from Hot Wheels.

After I double check the size of the cake, I decided to go for a 2.5kg one instead of the initial agreement of 1.5kg. To have more than enough to eat is better than having less to share with his friends in school.

Once the details of the cake was finalized, I quickly grabbed a nice lunch and went in search of the perfect items for Jayden's birthday goodie bags.

Here's what I've bought for the 41 numbers of goodie bags.

Very cute miniature magnifying glass. When I first saw these cute magnifying glasses I said to myself that they are the "must-get" for Jayden! During the Lunar New Year when we visited 宋婆婆 and Jayden was so intrigued with the magnifying glass that she uses to check on her almanac. Jayden kept bugging her if he could use it just for awhile. I bet he will have a great time using it to check out the ants in the house!

Some pretty pegs, erasers and pencils.

Nice stencils with different shapes and lines.

Some sharpeners and colorful miniature highlighters.

A close-up shot of the pretty sharpeners that I've chosen. I really like the piggy face!

Some happy faces stickers to add on some fun.

Colorful party bags to contain all the stuff that I've picked up.

Last but not least, what's a goodie bag when there's no candy in it?! Remembering the school's request *minimal candies please!*, I decided to splurge a little on the candy part and bought the organic lollipop. One in each bag. Even lollipops can be organic! The mango flavor ones are really nice!

And I'm all set to pack the 41 numbers of goodie bags!

Oh I also splurged a little more for Jayden! The Armani t-shirts are really cool! Hard to resist! So I ended up buying 2 pieces and Ed is poorer by a whopping $200 plus!

The Club 21 Kids gift bag is a advance birthday pressie from Nissan 阿姨! I wonder what's the content of it? All Nissan 阿姨 could divulge was that it's a Marc Jacobs shirt.... must wait till next Thursday then we can open it!

Splurged on the kid and I will have to scrimp on my birthday celebration next month!



OMG! What thoughtful pressies in the goodie bag! *applause all round for the super mummy!*