07 March, 2010

I Didn't Mean To Eavesdrop.....

but United Square is specially crowded during the Saturdays and the kids and parents there tend to walk a little faster, stand a little closer and talk a little louder.

Saturday is music appreciate lesson day for Jayden at the United Square. We were running a little late yesterday as Ed was not here to drive us there. When we arrived at UE square we were both hurrying up the escalator to 3rd floor where is school is located.

We were standing right behind a little girl and a HOT mama at the escalator and I overheard their conversation.

Little girl : Mommy I'm really tired.... can you carry me?

Hot mama: Mommy cannot carry you.... what if mommy carry you and then sprain my leg then how? *pulling up her skinny jeans revealing a pair of approximately 4" inch high heels wedges to her sweet looking little girl* Then mommy will have to go to hospital and daddy will have to go there and pick us up, then how?"

The little girl continue to follow obediently behind her mommy and I gave a quick run down on the hot mama's outfit. The already-mentioned 4" high heels wedges, skinny jeans and a leopard preens spaghetti top, complete with a LV bag.

I looked down at the pair of Birkis that I'm wearing, my faded pair of bermudas and my plain black lycra t-shirt. No LV bag for me but I've got my very functional Marc Jacobs tote bag.

Hot and sexy mama look versus the comfy and "anytime can carry my child look".

Needless to say, I'd rather choose the latter.


Hehe, I can relate. Well, I can't even wear 3 inch heels even when I'm not with kids. MJ tote is nice!!! Put pic up so I can kepo!!