03 March, 2010

Getting Prepared

I'm a little panicky these days.

Jayden's birthday is just round the corner. In a week to be exact. But I'm kinda flustered. I feel a bit nervous. Probably is because Ed won't be around to participate in the celebration this time round. He just left for London last night and won't be back till 13 March.

We both knew that it can't be help that he's gonna miss his precious' 4th birthday. Work still comes first.

Never mind, I can managed. I think I can. But up till now I have yet to order the cake. But I roughly have in mind what the kid and I wanted. I couldn't make up my mind which baker I want to go for... pricey and classy design? Or I wanna go for the taste rather than the aesthetic and it's gonna slightly cheaper? Sigh. Where to find a cake that's really great looking, not so pricey and taste healthy and great for the kids at school?

*Ed if you read this in London, please don't be upset with me if i busted my budget for the cake, ok? I really want Jayden to be proud that he's gonna get the cake that look really pretty and taste great!*

Anyway, I've made an appointment with the baker and will be going down to talk about the details in awhile. I hope it can be finalize today.

Oh, and there's the goodie bag to be settled. Minimal candies please! The school requested! Oh gosh..... so candies are out. I have to get something that's useful ie. stationaries like pencils.... colour pencils.. maybe some interesting stencils. No hello panda, no sweet gummies and no jellies. I think I will include 1 healthy organic lollipop in the bag. This is gonna be challenging.

Another challenging task. There will be another boy who will be celebrating his birthday too at the school on the same day as Jayden. And the school has set down quite strict rules about the timing for celebrating birthdays. Too bad that I sent in my request a little too late and I have been given the time slot of 11am instead of 9.30am.

The good thing about having the 9.30am time slot is the kids will be able to eat the cake as "morning snack break". So that means the birthday kid will cut and cake and the kids get to eat it immediately.

The downside is, we'll have to get the cake to the school at 9.30am sharp. Some bakeries might not be open at such a early timing.

As for the 11am slot, well... I get more time to fetch the cake as most of the bakeries open after 10am. But Jayden will only cut the cake. They will have to wait till after lunch and the cake will be serve as desserts.

Well, being a mom who's very particular about kids' eating habits, I understand where the school is coming from when they said they can only serve it after lunch. I just hope my effort of getting a good tasting and great looking cake won't go to waste.

Let's just hope celebration will go smoothly.... and now that Ed's not gonna be here, I will have to be the one who's gonna take pictures for the celebration. Sigh, I have to admit I'm a lousy photographer and under tense situations I tend to get very disoriented, so you roughly can imagine how the pictures gonna look.

To make picture taking real easy, Ed bought me a real easy-to-handle 笨蛋傻瓜 camera for the event. Minimum fussing and maximum ease, that's what it's important to me.
He got me a Casio Ex-H10.

Looks really easy to handle but still I have to go through the manual! Must make sure I really know how to use it or else all of Ed's effort in finding me this perfect camera will go to waste.... Must make sure I capture all the great moments of the party! *stress*

Oops, I'm running out of time. Have to get going. Appointment with the baker is at 12.30pm.

Gotta run!


HOOLA babe rock!! jiayou jiayou! u can do it! ^^ big big huggies coming your way! ^^