06 March, 2010

A few days back, when I was giving Jayden his usual bathe before bedtime, he proudly told me that he could write the chinese character number 5 and he started to write the strokes on the bathroom wall.

I was thinking it's not as easy as writing 一二三, but achievable to write 五 with teacher's assistance.

Jayden proudly show me his chinese worksheet when we took the folder back home on friday.

Indicated on his chinese work sheet was 3 star grade given to Jayden by his chinese teacher for writing the 五 on his own.

Jayden went "妈妈你看! 自己做! I did it on my own! 3 stars!" Not bad! Good effort from Jayden!

Teacher Jasmine did mentioned that straight strokes are the easier to write... the curves are the difficult ones, like the number 8.

I'm looking forward to see how will Jayden tackle 九。