01 March, 2010

新加坡福建会馆 ~ 庆元宵

Time flies. I remembered last year when we attended the 庆元宵by Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan, Jayden was recovering from his fever and having a runny nose.

This year thank goodness he was in a good mood when we told him that we'll be going to see Lion Dance.
Last year we were very late and the seats were all taken up when we arrived. This year Ed and I decided to go early and make sure the kid will have a good view of the parade.

There's already a crowd when we first arrive at 天福宫.

We brought Jayden to tour around 天福宫 and offered our prayers and thanks to 妈祖, the Goddess of The Sea.

Jayden was pretty excited to see the props that were placed on the streets, especially the Lion heads as the colours were so vibrant.

The street parade will only start at 7.30pm but we arrived early at 5.45pm to start off with savoring all the nice Hokkien snacks in exchange with the coupons we bought for the event.

Jayden loves 扣肉包,福建面,瑕枣 and the complimentary free flow of popcorns and candyfloss. He had one and a half 扣肉包 and that could last him till the end of the parade.

The night was quite humid and all of the spectators were fanning away feverently. Look how Jayden was perspiring!

It was very crowded and all the kiasu people start "chob-ing" seats!

The strong men lifting up the very heavy flag!

Daddy and Jayden, both perspiring like mad!


My favorite segment of the parade ~ 舞狮!

This is the first time we got up this close and personal with the Lion Dance and what made it extra special is that this is no normal lion dance. It's lion dancing on poles! The stunts were amazing and we would hold our breath whenever the lion went up higher on the tallest pole. Jayden would danced to the beat of the drums and clapped his hands whenever the lion completes a stunt.

I'm sure looking forward to next year's 庆元宵!