04 February, 2010

Superhero Phonic Readers

I began buying more books for Jayden a few months back as he has now cultivated the habit of reading a story before his bedtime. Some of his favorites are Charlie and Lola series of books. Actually Charlie and Lola are some of my faves as well.

I've also join Borders Privilege member so as to enjoy more savings when I buy books for Jayden.

And recently I've stumbled upon some interesting books and they are the Superhero Phonic Readers. Maybe it's been there all this while and it's just that I'm more into colourful illustrated books, or books with pop-ups and flaps that I've actually overlook small books like these. These are actually very good books that can help a child build up good phonics reading skills.

Jayden enjoys this series quite a bit and we have bought him the following titles. Ed and I were quite surprised that he could actually finish reading each book by himself.

Superhero Phonic Readers: Zain Zoom: Level 2Superhero Phonic Readers: Jumping Jade: Level 3Superhero Phonic Readers: Cow Boy: Level 4Superhero Phonic Readers: X-Ray Rex: Level 5, Bk. 5
One good point to mention about this series of book is that they have a section of questions at the end of the story to help the kids to understand it better and also emphasize on the key words used in the story.

Managed to capture a video of Jayden reading the book one night. Bear with us... this video a little tad long, 9mins plus to be exact.

There are up to 10 books in this series and I do hope by end of the year he could tackle book no. 10 as it has the longest story and seems to be the toughest to read of them all.