23 February, 2010

Daddy Mommy I Love U!

Another performance by Jayden and Zee Juniors kids. But this time round it's at the school compound and the theme was Happy Lunar New Year cum Valentines' Day special!

This special performance was put up by the kids and the teachers specially for all the parents. Ed and I wouldn't miss it for anything.

Jayden wasn't feeling so good the day before the actual performance and I was so worried that he might be feeling sad having to miss it. Luckily he managed to recover in time with a day away from school to rest at home.

This time round they perform 2 songs. I didn't get the title of the first song but Jayden said it's the rainbow song and the other one is Daddy Mommy I Love You.

Look at his face full of expressions and emotions during the performance!

And we were also told that all the little ones will be presenting a special surprise gift to all their parents. And here it is :

It was no surprise for me at all as I remembered Jayden bringing home a memo from school a few days back requesting for a picture of Daddy and Mommy for a special art and craft work. And just 2 nights before the event, he actually let the cat out of the bag about the picture and the photo frame! But still, great effort from Jayden with the decorating of the frame and sticking up the stickers. Great job Jayden!

Yes Jayden,

Daddy and Mommy loves you too! We will always be there for you.


awwwww~~~ *melted*