21 February, 2010

Can You Please Eat More, Baby?

Last Friday I decided to take a break and stayed at home to to rest my aching muscles from the training I had with my slave-driver personal trainer, I stayed at home and read some blogs. It's been such a long time since I last visited some of the march babies' blogs that I used to read. Some of the posts never fail to amaze me how fast our kids have grown.

Some of the blogs marked on their children's milestones, some on their reading skills and particularly some on their kids' diet. Recently I read a post where the mom listed out the number of meals her child takes a day and how envious would I be if Jayden were to eat as much as her.

3 solid meals, and sometimes asking for 2nd helping, plus 3 servings of milk throughout the day and not forgetting snacks in between meals.

Come, let me see how much Jayden is eating.

In the morning at home before school, Jayden would eat 1 slice of bread spread with butter and sprinkled with sugar. Sometimes he would take half a pork floss bread or a small bun that's fist size. My maid, Anna, would usually prepare FruttLoops in a Lock-Lock box for Jayden as his snack to be take in school.

Schools serves breakfast too, but Jayden sometimes would tell me that he didn't like what was serve in school and thus he will give it a miss. He will then take his FruttLoops with 1 small cup of fresh milk.

Come lunch, school will usually serve noodles/rice, fish/chicken, soup and veggies. It will be a bonus if Jayden is able to finish the usual 1 serving. He hardly ask for 2nd helpings as according to the teachers.

At around 3pm, school will serve snacks like cakes, cookies, bread or cereals. Jayden will take another small serving of fresh milk.

Once home, I will give him his daily calcium supplement and his multi-vits gummy bears. And at around 5.30pm, another small serving of either cereals, danish pastry or a small bun. Sometimes a small tub of Petit Miam Yogurt.

Dinner will usually be serve at 7.15pm with rice, veggies, egg, chicken/pork and soup. No, it won't be filled to the brim. It would be a bonus if he can finish the small little portion that I usually give it to him. Did he ever ask for 2nd helping you wonder? Yes, just once and it never happened again. The last meal of the day will be completed by another tub of yogurt.

There should be another last milk feed during his bed time but one fine night Jayden told me soberly "Mama, please don't give me any more neh-neh *meaning milk*. I don't like neh-neh, I don't want anymore neh-neh, please?" Dream feeding didn't even work and I had to pour away the milk every time he refuses to drink.

Thank goodness Jayden is willing to take fresh milk during the weekdays because of his teachers' constant encouragement and cajoling. Or else he would have zero calcium intake.

Eating out has been challenging at times. I will usually do a quick check on the web to see menus and ratings of the new restaurants that we will be visiting so as to know what are the food that I can order for Jayden. Jayden loves good spaghetti from the French Stall and chinese stir-fried noodles, especially the Yee-Fu noodles from 聚宝. There was once we visited 聚宝 up to 4 times a month because Jayden eat the most whenever we are there for dinner! He also love tamago sushi, chawanmushi and ramen.

Gone were the days that I used to lament how little he's eating and fret over he's not-so-adventurous attitude in trying new food. I've learned to let it go. But still I'm envious of parents whose kids eat heartily and always have their mouths readily open when they see food coming their way. I have to admit that there are days when Jayden's appetite will still make or break my day.

So how do I retort whenever there are insensitive people who make comments like:
"how come your son is so skinny and small size?"
answer: good thing comes in small packages mah, don't you know?

"how come your son so picky about food?"
answer: because he's not a rubbish bin you know and he only eat the good stuff.

I'm so mean, aren't I?! *snigger snigger*

So, following doctor's instructions - just give your kid whatever he loves to eat. So I always make sure my fridge is pack with yogurt, yogurt and more yogurt since it's a good source of calcium and it can be a substitution for the milk that Jayden is missing in his daily diet.

Making sure there are a enough yogurt with different varieties / flavor for the little king of mine to choose from.

Since he doesn't take formula milk anymore, I use that sum of money (for the formula) and spend it on organic yogurt. 6 tubs of organic yogurt costs a hefty S$17.00 and on good days he takes 2 tub a day. It's only available from certain bigger Cold Storage outlets (Parkway Parade and Kallang). But the supply is not constant, sometimes they have it, sometimes they don't. So I will standby Petit Miam for those days that Yobaby is not available.

Multi-vits gummy bears! To replace all the missing vitamins and minerals that's from the food that he's rejecting.

The "very expensive" Lacto GG that costs S$100 per box of 30 capsules. Jayden's been taking this ever since he started school. Sometimes I do wonder if it really helps to make his immunity stronger? I have no answer to that. But I do realized that ever since he started taking Lacto GG, he's able to recover from flus, cough and fever quicker as compared to last time.

The calcium supplement as recommended by Doctor Dorothy. To make up for the lost of calcium since Jayden has very minimal milk intake.

I was telling my sister the other day that if there's any food that Jayden fancies, Ed and I would probably buy it for him, just anything that he wants to eat... no matter how expensive. That's how desperate we can get when we hit the bad days.

The only consolation that I can get is that though he's not eating as well as other kids but he's still growing well, healthy and very active. And in terms of school work, he's at least half a year in advance as compared to his classmates and peers.

We can't have the best of both worlds, can we?


Wow, Sally, its been a really long time since I came into your blog. Cuz I thought you stop blogging!!

:) Jayden is doing great! Hey, remember I told you my mom will throw fits during meal times when I am young and threaten to slice open my throat to pour food in? Heheh, look at me now! I eat nonstop!

Like I said, eating alot and being fat is not an achievement in life, but being academically inclined is!!

I know how you feel when people make those comments. I still get those every other day. Sometimes even from FAMILY MEMBERS who ask me why I am starving my child when they have eyes to see that my child eats nonstop!!

Mine is worse, Ashley eats alot and don't grow fat at all.

I tried the Lacto too, but I did not see any significant improvement. For Ashley, Dr mention it was more for her skin. Too expensive and I decided to sought other treatment instead.

Next time, ask Dorothy about DHATIFEN. I'm their ambassador. I swear by it!!!!! It not only boost up Ashley's appetite but it really help her in flus and colds. I gave it to Andre, same result!! cheap n good!

:) miss jayden. been so long since we last meet up!!