28 February, 2010

“找鸭子”与 “我自己会”

It's been a month since Jayden started full-day care at Zee Juniors. So far he's doing well and I can see that his Chinese has been improving. Chinese teachers submit reports to parents every Friday and this is what I usually see at the comment column:


This is roughly what I remembered on the report.

I'm happy to see that the kid is keen to learn Chinese and every week he will come back and recite to us "古诗一首", trying very hard to remember each single word and recite it to us in gusto! And every Friday I will go through together with him the contents in his folder containing all the worksheets and story books that he has done/read for the past week and I would asked him to explain and go through with me.

Going through last week's work ~ “找鸭子”与 “我自己会”.

但愿承恩能很快的真正 “我自己会 刷牙,洗脸,冲凉,穿衣,等等。。 等等。。” 那妈妈就可以在早上的时候多睡一会儿!