08 February, 2010


One night, when I was about to tuck Jayden to bed he suddenly call out to me:

"Mama Mama! 古诗 一 首~ 静 夜思" and he started to recite it word by word. Apparently he learned all these chinese poems in his Chinese Enrichment Program that was running his school.

This is a video of Jayden reciting the poems that was taken by Ed the next night.

I was pleasantly surprised and happy that Jayden was capable of reciting the poems by heart. I didn't think I was able to do that when I was 4 years old. Though they are short poems and pretty easy to memorize but I don't think it was an easy feat for a 4 year old kid to achieve that. A really good effort by the chinese teachers at Zee Juniors!

I'm definitely looking forward to more 古诗 from Jayden!


Jayden ROCKS! jiayou! ^^