18 January, 2010

It's Been Such A Long Time

Wow, it's been like half a year I didn't update Jayden's blog. Time flies. What have I been busy with?

Let's see.... Well, Mommy has been busy connecting with friends at Facebook, gaming in MapleStory still, and working out at the gym since Daddy signed up a membership for her. Mommy has also been busy playing Wii with Jayden almost everyday without fail.

So how is Jayden doing? Let's just do a quick update!

It's been a great achievement for the last 7 months as Jayden has already been completely diaper-free since last July. He's also totally weaned off from his pacifier and milk bottles! He's much more adventurous with food and we are eating out more often these days! He's also grown a slight taller and a tad heavier, though I wish he could just put on a little more weight!

Jayden has stopped going for Shichida classes since last year July. That's one of the major decision that we have made. Jayden has been attending Shichida lesson since he was 1 year and 4 months old.... Ed and I thought that it's time for Jayden to explore something new. We enrolled him in Mandeville's music school for some music appreciation lessons.

School has been great for Jayden too. He graduated from Nursery 1 class and was promoted to Nursery 2 this year.

Look at his graduation class photo!

And this is one of my favorite solo picture taken. Just like a 小大人!

I can tell that Jayden enjoys going to school to be with his Teachers and friends. He would be beaming with a great smile when I go pick him up everyday. Teachers also feedback to us that Jayden is doing well in school. He's half a year ahead of his peers and showing keen interest in Chinese language. He's also taking extra Chinese enrichment program that's being provided by the school. 许老师 told us that Jayden is always asking for new 笔画 whenever he finishes his worksheets! I hope this enthusiasm of his for Chinese language will continue as he progress on.

So what's in store for us for the new year 2010? 2009 hasn't been fantastic but it wasn't that bad too. I'm glad that we are able to tide over the down time and hopefully 2010 will be a much better year!

I wish Jayden would put on a bit more weight in 2010! The same old wish every year! Haha! And I hope Daddy's work will be 顺顺当当,生意兴旺 and 开开心心!
As for me, I would probably wish I can lose a few kilos!

And I wish everyone good health and good wealth for year 2010. World Peace!