16 June, 2009

Jayden At School

Jayden has attended a one whole month of school for last month.

For 5 weeks he didn't fell ill.

It was quite a record for us. Since he started school last year September, it's always 2 weeks at school, followed by 2 to 5 days out. Sometimes it's 2 weeks at school and 2 weeks out. I always feel that we are paying 1 month of school fees but the kid only utilizing half of the fees spent.

What a waste of money.

But last month we finally we break even! Haha! And I hope we can now break even for every month. With a 2 cases of stomach flu, some viral fever along the way and some episodes of bad coughs, I think my son has toughen up. We have also successfully weaned him off his pacifiers *finally!* and he has gone completely diaperless during the day, at home and outside. We are now working on letting him going diaperless at night during his bed time.

Jayden has been doing very well at school. He will come home telling me he made new friends whenever there are new kids who joined the school. Proudly announced that he finished his breakfast and lunch whenever I go pick him up at 12.30pm and waving goodbye with a big smile whenever Ed and I drop him off at school every morning.

Zee Juniors has undergo some major revamp of curriculum and changing of teachers. Ed and I was skeptical about the changes. I wanted to pull Jayden out from it because those teachers that Jayden were familiar with, they left one by one. And under some influence of a parent who insist that the school is taking us for a ride, I was seriously scouting for another school.

But Ed wanted to hear the other side of the story from the new school director who took over the reins. So we went to hear her out with a open mind.

For now, we have seen a significant improvement made in various areas of the school. We have seen a better curriculum, more dedicated teachers and a more conducive learning environment for the children.

What I like best is the school has now worked out a menu for all the meals being served to the kids. Gone are the days that I have to ask the teacher every day what Jayden has taken for breakfast and lunch. I can see that the meals served are as according to the guidelines given by MCYS and are of a balance diet consisting of ample carbo, meat, veggies and fruits.

With the new improvement in school, Jayden was making vast progress in his academic learning.

Teacher Agnes feedback that he is accelerating at a faster pace compared to most of his peers and able to grasp concept at a quick pace. She also reported that when Jayden was given a choice to choose either to work with Montessori tools or play with his friends, he chose the former. Teacher Agnes was rather surprised the number of words that he could pronounced and recognise and even do simple addition and subtractions.

So we have decided, with the advice of Teacher Agnes, that Jayden will progress to Nursery 2 after the month of June's non-academic learning.

I was worried at first, and I emphasize to Teacher Agnes that I do not wish to push Jayden too hard when it comes to academic aspect of learning. I want Jayden to have a fun and enjoyable childhood and one that he will smile and fond of when he recalls it after he has grown up. But Teacher Agnes assured us again and again that children in the Montessori learning are never being pushed..... So for now, I'll just have to listen to the experts.

I'm anticipating for what is to come for the next 3 months.



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