14 June, 2009

From Shichida Method

It has been some time since I last shared on Jayden's progress with the Shichida Method.

Here is the recent term report from Teacher Helen:

Areas of Good Potential

  • Understand subtraction within 1 - 10
  • Able to do complex maze / puzzle
  • Able to describe pictures
  • Can recall Linking Memory cards

Jayden has shown fabulous concentration throughout the lessons. He is able to recall the correct cards for flash and linking memory! Also, he is great at language games such as letters maze and is able to match words to pictures too! Great job!

Suggestions for Improvement

Jayden, let's practice simple addition at home! Besides that, parents can introduce composition of 1-10 to him as well.

Parental Strength

Both parents are good guidance to Jayden. Jayden enjoys both parents' company! Well done!

All the hard work on home practise paid off. I feel a great sense of achievement and gladness when I read the Teacher Helen's comments. I'm sure Ed feel the same.