20 April, 2009

Zoo Trip 18 April 2009

Our 3rd trip to the zoo. But this time round Jayden has the company of his 阿姨, his fave cousin Natalie and 大boy Nicholas.

Though this is the 3rd time to the zoo, Jayden got to do something different. He got to feed the giraffes with the help of 阿姨 and he got to play in the water play section at the Kidz World. I used to be very skeptical of the water at the water play section in the Kidz World cos' the water looks murky to me..... and with so many kids and adults running around barefooted in the water, I get very paranoid that the kid is sure to get viral after that!

Well, sometimes we just have to learn to let go.

And so, the kid got to run amok with his fave cousin at the water play section at the Kidz World. Jayden was unstoppable. We didn't bring along any towels nor swim wear but we couldn't stop the kid! So we had to stripped him down to his denim shorts and just let him have some fun with the water sprinklers at just one section of the water play area.

Lucky I've packed an extra set of clothing for Jayden and Nicholas brought along a small towel. Just nice to wipe Jayden dry after 45mins of amok running in the water sprinklers.

So, in future, one more activity that we can do other than just animal watching at the Zoo! Thank goodness the kid didn't get viral fever after that.