05 April, 2009

Jayden Loves Playing Electronic Games

We all know that we shouldn't let the kids indulge in electronic games. But these days, with so many types of these electronic games in the market ie. Wii, PSP, DSLite, Xbox... It's not an easy task keeping the kid away from it all. Gone were the days that we used to play "zero-point" and "5-stones" during our childhood days. Now it's all about handheld computer games, online gaming and all the new game gadgets!

Even Jayden fell prey to it.

Ed and I tried our best to keep Jayden away from the Wii console that we have at home. In the earlier days, we only allowed him to sit by our side and watch us play. But gradually his curiosity get the better of him and he started to make request to hold the controller and try to mimic our movements.

One fine day, Ed decided lift the restrictions as he realized that the Wii games can actually be a useful tool in helping his development, like motor skills, reflex training, memory training, and coordination skills. Even Shichida kindergarten has incorporate Wii games in their curriculum! Can you believe that?! Haha!

But of course, we have set a limit of maximum 30mins per session for his Wii and PSP games. Anything more than that is going to hurt his eyesight.

Watch how he enjoyed on Wii games. Just for record, his highest scores on bowling without any help is 195... :)

And on Wii sports, look how he's trying to do the "tree pose"! And it's also my all time favourite yoga pose too!

Jayden, the future yoga guru?!