12 March, 2009

My Boy Is 3 Years Old

It's the day that Jayden has been counting down the past 3 weeks.

Almost everyday, he would point to the calendar, or catch hold anyone of us and start asking "When is Jayden's birthday? Is it in March?!".

We wanted Jayden to have a party solely with the people that he knows, meaning no strangers, no friends of mama and daddy. People that he can communicate with, familiar faces that he would wanna share his joy with, and friends that he will have fun with.

So we ended up inviting all, almost all, his schoolmates and teachers from Zee Juniors.

Thank goodness his school is just 5mins walk from our home. We wanted to celebrate his birthday at his school but Teacher Jennifer suggested doing it at our condominium's clubhouse instead. It would be something new for the kids, they could get away from school with a valid reason and take the 5mins stroll to the club house.

To save the hassles of entertaining the kids on our own, Ed and I engaged MacDonald's help. That settles the food and the entertainment part. I wanted to get a magician or a clown to make it more memorable for the kids but that would mean that I'm gonna burst the budget! So in the end we settled for a balloon sculptor and each kid get to have at least 2 nice balloons to bring back home with them!

Here are some pictures to share with all. Great effort on the slide show and the picture trail. All thanks to Ed!

Look at the big grin Jayden has on his face when he saw the beautiful Mickey Mouse birthday cake that we ordered from Montreux. We chose his favourite cake base - strawberry shortcake.

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I really hope Jayden and his friends, schoolmates and Teachers have enjoyed the short but fun-filled birthday party..... Looking at the happy smiling faces of everyone just make me feel so happy too.  I really love those beautiful pictures that Ed took for Jayden's schoolmates.

Oh yeah, here are some more pictures with Jayden celebrating his birthday again after our family dinner, with his favourite 阿姨s,姐姐,哥哥 and Aunty Anna and Aunty Ruby. See how he enjoys singing his own Happy Birthday song with that big big grin on his face.

我最亲爱的小承恩:妈妈 和爸爸祝你生日快乐,天天开心, 身体健康! 脸上永远带着灿烂的笑容!