13 March, 2009

Jayden's Little Accomplishments

As I was typing this post, I could hear Jayden asking his 爷爷 over the speaker phone: 

“爷爷你在哪里?!” .  

My little inquisitive boy.

At 3 years old, this little fella can really be quite persistent, keep asking why? what? where? what happened?  I guess this is the stage where they are just so curious about anything and everything.

There are a couple of tasks that Jayden is now capable of doing and the ones worth mentioning would be staying diaper free during the day, self-feeding and able to read more words and story books with more short sentences.  

I was particularly proud of the potty training part as it only took 1 major and 2 minor incidents for the potty training to take off.  I guess what the books says is true - you train the child at 2 years, he accomplishes it at 3.  You train the kid at 3 he accomplishes it at 3.  It was almost frustration-free for us.

2 weeks before his birthday Ed actually bought this bike for him.  He was tired of cycling on his little tricycle so Ed decided that it was time to get him a bigger, more real looking bike for him.  This little fella took 15mins to get familiarize with the new toy and rest was history.  

The second time he went on his bike, hop on, and off he goes! 

Sometimes it's just so amazing watching him grow and giving us new surprises everyday.  It just brings a smile to my face whenever I see him being so proud of himself being able to accomplish a task that he wasn't able to do so in the past.

3 years, which sometimes I feel like it seems a 30 years to me..... and with so much ups and downs.  These happy smiling moment sometimes just wipe away the frustrations in me.