09 February, 2009

Club Med Bali

Ed's krisflyer points were expiring.

In fact it's been a couple of times when his krisflyer points were deducted because he didn't do any redemption of tickets. Those were the days that the thought of bringing Jayden for a trip was unthinkable.

Last year we took the risk to Japan. We did ok. So for this time round, we decided to go Bali. Since all our 3 tickets were for free, we can be a alittle extravagant on the accommodation.

We settled for Club Med Bali.

My fave pics are the ones that Jayden is drinking from the glass wine. He looked as if he's a connoisseur of fine wines!

Overall the trip was relaxing and fun, not too rushing like the Japan trip, everything was done at our own pace.

The room was cosy, the food was good too. The G.O.s are friendly too. Jayden had a great time drowning himself with free flow of fruit juices, icecreams, different types of bread, waffles, pancakes and other stuff. Not sure if it was the food or a growth spurt, Jayden actually put on a little bit of weight after the trip! :o)

We could have deposit Jayden at the Petit Club and have some couple time. But Ed and I decided not to. Not because we have to pay a fee for it but our idea of the resort stay was to spend quality time together as a family.

If you are looking for a relaxing stay at a resort, do consider Club Med. Majority of their villages in the Asia Pacific regions are all family oriented and children friendly.


Beautiful picures, wonderful smiles! ;) And yes, Jayden looked 'heavier'! hehe!