19 January, 2009

New Dance Moves

It's a new year and Jayden gives us new dance moves.

Featuring Takuya Kimura wannabe doing the Gatsby commercial.

Don't laugh out too loud if you are watching this video in the office.

Never fail to make me laugh whenever I watch it. Jayden really tried to go way out to mimic the dance movements. My sisters suspect there could be computer graphics involved, don't think anyone can do such flexible movements.

This commercial wasn't shown in Singapore tv. It just happened that one fine day we were shopping in Best Denki and somehow someone played the commercial song on the stereos section. I went home, googled it and found the commercial on the Gatsby website. The song is catchy and so the kid joined me watching it on my laptop. So you can guess what happens next.

My Little Gatsby boy.


OMG, this hilarious!!! He really mimics the moves very well!! haha!