28 January, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year

Wishing everyone out there a prosperous and wealthy new year. I wish for good health and good wealth. What did you wished for?

We didn't do much 拜年 this year. Actually it seems that we are doing lesser and lesser of it .... Sad isn't it? Lunar new year celebrations and 拜年 just doesn't seems to the same as those of my childhood days.

Anyway, we still went ahead to visit Uncle Victor's (Ed's elder brother). Ed and I were sure that Jayden's gonna enjoy this visit as there will 2 cousins for company! And guess what! We were in for a treat! A long waited duet performance from the cousin, Sarah and Nataniel!

Come see Jayden joining in the fun too!

Uncle Victor kept the little violin for Jayden! It used to be Nataniel's but he has long out grown it and now upgraded to a better violin. So this is for Jayden to keep!

The 2 talented kids posing with Jayden.

See Jayden? Look as if he's really playing the violin! Posed 到似莫似样! He really enjoyed himself with this visit.

The rest of the days of the Lunar New Year were spent just lazing at home, watching TV and snacking on the new year goodies.

Let's hope the year of the Tiger would be better one.