30 December, 2008

It's Time To Do Catch Up

Soon, in a few days' time we'll be stepping into another new year, the year of 2009. I apologize for the lack of posts for the past 2 months, as the bad mommy *me* was totally obsessed with being a virtual Shadower in another world.

Time flies, it's pass Christmas and another 3 more days to a new year. Jayden has grown pretty much, well not in terms of weight and height but rather in all other aspects. After almost 3 months in school, this is what Teacher Jennifer had to say about him in the year end term report:

Jayden has settled comfortably into our school. He is a very obedient, neat, tidy and helpful boy!

I'm extremely proud of Jayden's eating habit! He has improved tremendously in his first month with us in Zee Juniors. Now he is willing to try a variety of food and is capable of finishing his meal on his own!

Jayden is attentive during lesson and participates in all class activities. He loves music and movement and story time. He speaks well but is rather soft-spoken. He is able to express his needs quite well too but at times I notice he would hold his feelings to himself. he recognizes a lot of words for his age. Very impressive!

He enjoys the company of his friends but sometimes he prefers to watch his friends play. He loves the construction corner and outdoor, especially water-play. He is capable of some routine work like washing his hands, taking off and wearing his shoes independently.

Well, what more can I say? I'm a happy mom! Especially with the food intake part. Ed and I are really glad that we made the right decision to send him to school this early. Though the falling sick part, yeah, more frequent episodes of coughing and runny nose, but then we can see the better side of letting him go to school.

Almost everyday he comes back from school telling me new happenings, singing new songs, showing me new art work and telling me tales about his new classmate crying and not eating his or her meals. There was one day Teacher Jennifer said he's such a good friend telling his fellow classmate "no need to cry......" I think he was trying hard to tell his friend that it's no big deal coming to school and eating the meals?! Haha! Seems like my little boy is growing quicker than I expected.

Ed and I are now really looking forward to planning his little 3 year old birthday party in Zee Juniors coming March next year! I wonder will the little fella look forward to it as well.....