27 October, 2008

My Little Scientist

One fine day we were discussing about flashcards with Ed's sister as Ed lamented that we were running out of topics of flashcards for Jayden. And so she suggested flashing to Jayden the elements of the periodic table.

I rolled my eyes.

I hated Science when I studied in school. I particularly detest chemistry as I couldn't memorised all the signs that corresponds with the hydrogen, oxygen, sodium, magnesium and the list goes on.

Flash to my son all these? Just the thought of it scares me off. But then we were really running out of topics for Ed to start off more flashcards for Jayden.

So off I went to My Little Ones to see what other topics of flashcards can I get. Ok, something else. Nothing to do with all those signs please. Spare me the agony of seeing them again.

But it seems that Jayden takes after the daddy? Ed was good in Math and Science. I think Jayden finds it challenging in memorising them.

A good head start for Jayden in the subject of Science don't you think? At least there's hope that he will not detest chemistry like the Mommy did!

Or is Jayden going to be a Scientist in the making..... or was it all about power memory. We don't have the answer.