06 October, 2008

Jayden and His Cooking Mama

The little kid is simply obsessed with Nintendo DS Lite, and particularly the game of Cooking Mama.

After watching how the 阿姨 and his cousins poke the screen of the DS Lite with the stylus he became very curious and quicly learned how to play it as well. Ed and I were pretty surprise that Jayden could actually finished one Cooking Mama recipe all by himself and he can get the dish quite nicely done up!

See how he concentrate on the game of Cooking Mama!

A chef in the making!


hi! I saw the videos of Jayden when he was younger and I was impressed. How's his progress now? What is it like going to school for a kid who already know everything. Are you planning to put him though the conventional route of MOE's primary school or home school him?

I'm very keen to find out more about him as I'm a TV producer. Anyway to contact you?

Hi Mary, thanks for visiting our blog. I think he's enjoying himself much in school. There are many other activities that he gets to participate and learn when he's there. Most important is that he can learn to interact, care and share with other kids.

Feel free to email me at shunkuey@yahoo.com.sg