03 September, 2008

Welcome To School

Jayden started school at Zee Juniors yesterday.

We were all very excited..and worried. We were not sure whether can he adapt to the school's environment, not sure if could get along with his classmates, not sure if he will eat well in school, etc etc....so much worries.

School started and we left him there with teachers and few kids. He headed straight to the toys' corner and started exploring the toys available. We called out to him telling him we were leaving and told him to behave...and waved him goodbye. He smiled back at us in return and waved...and off we went.

At 12noon Teacher Jennifer called saying all the kids in his group had left and wanted us to bring Jayden home before he gets bored or started crying *apparently there's one kid who is crying*. So off I went to pick him up and this is what Teacher Jennifer had to say about Jayden :

Jayden behaved very well for his first day in school. He is able to follow teachers' instructions well and he returned the toys where they belong after playing with it. He even helped the older kids keep their toys when they refused despite the teacher telling them to do so. During the crayon coloring session, he will take only one crayon at a time, putting it back before taking another color, whereas the rest of the kids will simply take many and left them around.

Teacher was very impressed with the good habits that Jayden displayed.

Meal time, as expected he didn't really eat much.

The first day did went well for him, except for one incident. As related by Teacher Jennifer, Jayden pooped but he didn't inform her. Instead Jayden went to one of the older boy and said "Diaper dropped! Diaper dropped!". The older boy in turn told another boy and they were both quite lost about what to do! In the end Teacher Jennifer washed Jayden up and even managed to have him sit on the child-sized toilet bowl while doing it!

The teacher cautioned us that kids normally start to get some sort of separation anxiety on either the second or third day onwards. We are eagerly anticipating his second day at school.

Well, this morning, we dropped him off at school again and immediately waved him goodbye and drove off. He was standing at the window waving goodbye to us...and not showing a sign of being afraid or wanting to follow us home. Not a bad start for day 2!

At noon when I went to pick him up, again he was the last kid in his group remained and he showed signs of boredom. Teacher said he did well today and didn't fuss nor cry. The only time when he showed unwillingness was when teacher brought out his lunch and he didn't want to eat the rice but afraid to tell the teacher so. But he managed to finished up some sausages, carrots and potatoes.

Overall he is doing great in school for a start and all the teachers like him quite a bit *caught one even using her handphone to snap pics of him pushing the toy cart full of fruits that he put in!*

We are so proud of our boy! Fingers crossed for his 3rd day in school tomorrow!!!

We're off to school!

Ed and I really hope that Jayden will continue to enjoy his time in school. As for me, well I had to admit 4 hours of Jayden in school is such sheer bliss!


Wow, he is such a good boy and student! Well-done, Jayden! :)