04 September, 2008

Welcome To School - The 3rd Day

As anticipated by Teacher Jennifer, anxiety begins to set in.

This morning, as the same for the past 2 days, Ed and I sent Jayden off to school. Once reached, we both walked him to the door and 郑老师 quickly came over to ushered Jayden into the hall. I can sensed that Jayden was a bit apprehensive about stepping in but 郑老师 was quick to react. She quickly took Jayden by the hand and led him in. At that moment Jayden turned around and insist that I take off my shoes and enter the hall with him.

But I said no.

I told him that I'm not supposed to enter the hall with him and assured him that I will come to pick him up at 12pm. 郑老师 quickly showed Jayden the tools and ingredients of making mooncakes *they are having mooncake making session this afternoon* distracting him so that Ed and I could make the quick escape.

He was teary-eye when I went to pick him up at 12pm. When he saw me he quickly ran over and started crying. According to Teacher Jennifer there were 3 occasions that Jayden cried.

Breakfast time, he didn't want any breakfast.
After outdoor activities, he didn't want to go back indoor.
Lunchtime, when he saw rice and when he couldn't find his favourite food - the carrots.

Other than the short crying episodes Jayden is still doing great for his 3rd day at school. Teacher Jennifer is quite surprised and impressed with Jayden's motor skills and speech. For a 2.5YO, Teacher Jennifer said he can kick the ball well, climb fast and go on the slide quite quickly.

Not too bad for a 3rd day in school and I'm pretty happy to hear the positive feedback from the Teacher. I just hope that Jayden will start to eat better in school soon. I guess I'll just have to be patient and slowly wait for the day to come.

加油 Jayden!!!