24 September, 2008

School Days

So far so good. Jayden only took twice "medical leave" from school in a span of 3 weeks.

The first episode of fever, the temperature rocketed to a high of 40 degrees. I didn't think he caught it at school. The daddy's to blame for letting him indulged in potato chips, alot of potato chips!

The second episode of fever was rather mild, at 37.8 degrees. Ed says it might be the teething. Could it be? I'm not sure too.

This is the 3rd week of school for Jayden. So far so good. He still cries a little when he reaches the school premises. But according to Teacher Jennifer he stops almost immediately when I say my "goodbyes".... Somehow he knows that going to school is a routine and he cannot run away with it from crying and whining. When I ask him to give me a "flying kiss" when I'm about to leave he still obliges but with a crying look.

Of course I feel kind of sad and sometimes can't bear to leave him there but I know I will have to give a firm stand to it or else he he will have the thought of using the whining and crying to get his ways in the future.

And so far things he's done in school includes colour painting, water play, sand play, moon-caking making, a lot of drawing, a lot of reading and story telling sessions, so on and so forth. I can see he's benefiting well from it all. Teacher Jennifer commented that he follows instructions real well and able to remember all his classmates names and even the spellings of their names.

The only problem we are still facing is the eating part. Jayden still refuses to eat the breakfast and lunch that the school provides. He cries upon seeing the food. Despite sitting with his classmates during mealtimes, Teacher Jennifer trying hard to encourage self feeding and even spoon feed Jayden, all to no avail. So right now, I can only adopt the wait-and-see attitude. He's also refusing his morning milk feed, drinking less than 100ml.

Thank goodness I'm way pass the stage where I would go crazy and berserk if he rejects any of his milk feed and meals. I will just have to be patient to slowly introduce him new food in small portions while I still cook his favourite noodles and soups for most of his main meals.

Edited to add: Nope Jayden didn't win the contest for the home-made lantern ... he was down with fever for the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in school for that day.