08 September, 2008

Welcome To School - Day 5 & 6, With An Assignment!

Jayden is given his, indirectly ours, first assignment to do at home...that is to make a lantern to celebrate the mid-autumn festival in school this coming Friday.

This is what the school requested:
"Let your creative juices flow by making a lantern with your child at home and bringing it to school on 6 September 2008, Monday, to show their friends. You may wish to use materials such as tissue box, milk carton, basket, ribbons, strings, cellophane papers etc.... The most creative lantern will go home with a mystery prize!"

This is what Ed came up with, after playing around with the toilet roll, sponges, a plastic hook and tissue box. What do you think?

Looks good, don't it? I have to say I'm impressed. It took him 3 days to complete it.

I really hope Jayden will get the mystery prize with this Wall.E (in case you couldn't figure it out what it is) and in turn would like to go to school and not cry his way in every morning.

Today is the 6th day but he has begun to cry from day 4 onwards til now. Teacher Jennifer estimated that he would cry for another week or so. Other than the crying part upon arriving at the school in the morning and during breakfast and lunch time, the rest of the session, Teacher Jennifer reported that he is doing fine and enjoys painting, colouring, story telling and outdoor fun play. He behaves well and is very responsive to the teachers.

I really hope that Jayden would be able to adjust to the new routine of going to school and having his lunch at the school soon so that he's able to truly enjoy himself.


What a cute lantern! Very creative indeed! Hope Jayden gets the prize! :)