23 August, 2008

Singapore Fireworks Festival 2008

Daddy's company has given out free tickets for the Fire Festival that's in conjuction with the National Day Celebration week and we brought Jayden to see the fireworks display live at the Marina Bay Floating Platform on 22nd August night. It was a fun outing and we all enjoyed ourselves. Jayden chose for himself a nice Elmo balloon and sat there amazed at the fireworks display throughout.

Last year we were given free tickets but decided against going cos' Jayden was too young back then. This time round we are glad that we made the trip as watching the fireworks live is definitely different from watching it on TV or far away. The only regret was that the weather wasn't good that night and hence there was too much smoke that sort off discounted the beauty of the displays.

Daddy lugged along his camera's tripod stand and took many pictures of the fireworks. Though many shots were taken, only a few did turned out nice as according to Daddy's standard.

Share with you some of the "ok" shots that Ed took on that night. Let's hope he can have more better shots next year!