16 August, 2008

He's 29 Months Old - Many Faces Of Jayden

Jayden is 29 months old now.

At 29 months, he's becoming more and more adult-like, always wants to make his own decisions and trying to hold a rather decent conversation with us. He's a rather cheerful fella who loves to interact with other kids and simply love to swim, read books, doodle with crayons and eager to learn new skills.

There was a time when I brought him to Borders and he suddenly turned to me and showed me his angry expression saying "Jayden angry face". I was rather concerned and asked him why has he got to show me the angry expression. He then pointed to a wall with a poster showing kids with various of different expressions. We both had a good laugh! What a cheeky fella!

Here's Jayden attempting to read the pack of cards from the "Your Baby Can Read" series. It was given as a complimentary that comes with the GAIN milk formula we bought for Jayden. He loves it very much.