06 August, 2008

He Is Ready, I Think

It was Ed's birthday last Monday and he took the day off so that we could all go out celebrate and have some fun. We planned to let Jayden go Frisk n Romp to sweat it out, followed by a sumptuous lunch.

Upon arriving at Frisk n Romp we were told that the premises are closed on Monday to Friday mornings from public usage for their private playgroup. Needless to say, we were all quite disappointed. We lingered at the premises for awhile and chatted with the person in charge who made some introduction about the classes that they are holding. And so I asked if we could let Jayden join in for 1 session of the playgroup while we pay the pro-rated fees.

The next thing we knew, both Ed and I were sitting at the cafe drinking iced tea and snacking, as suggested by the teacher in charge. We sat in the cafe chatting, waiting for Jayden's class to end.

Yes, the kid joined in for the 1 session.

The story telling was going on when Jayden joined in. So Ed and I stayed on awhile, just in case he didn't like it and we could bring the kid out immediately to minimize any disruption that he would cause.

Jayden was a little distracted with the balls and tricycles around him. For a few times he turned back to look at me, as if asking for my approval if he could play with the balls instead of listening to the story telling session. I signed "pay attention" to him and pointed towards the teacher. He understood and sat down to listen. After 5mins the story session ended. I heard the teacher saying something about going into the playroom to do colouring and art and crafts. The next thing I saw was Jayden holding hands with the teacher, happily followed her to the playroom, not even turning back to see if Daddy and MaMa is there........

For 2 years and 4 months, Jayden has never been left alone with strangers, not even for 1 hour. I was rather worried and panicky. We left our contact numbers with the teacher and instructed her to call us at once if the kid show signs of anxiety or starts crying.

For the first hour I kept checking on my mobile phone, worrying that it might ring any moment. But it didn't. As the minutes passes, I was less worried.

Jayden was in high spirits for the whole day I could see. He happily showed me a fire engine he had coloured during the class. When I asked him if he wants to go back to school tomorrow he replied with a loud "YES!"....

Is he ready for school? I think he is. Yesterday Ed and I went to the chosen school to finally register him to start on 2 September.

Finally he's going to school.


Wow.. finally.. Jayden going to School.. hahaha.. I was also thinking of sending chloe to sch.. not an easy choice.. :)