18 July, 2008

Jayden The Flying Fish

Thanks to recent hot and humid days, we are able to let Jayden swim more often these days. Record to date was as many as 4 days a week he swum. He has look a little more tan too.

He really enjoy swimming alot. At the mere mentioned of the word "swim" or "swimming" he would go charging into his room, whip out his swimming trunks and would shout " I want go swimming!" There were also some days he would look down at the pool and tell me "I want go swimming....."

We have also started to let him wear his swim trunks more often and not so much of him wearing his thermal so that he can build up his resistance to the coldness. Swimming is good for strengthening his lungs too as according to the doctors' advice.

Managed to capture some pictures and videos of him in the pool yesterday. Look how much he enjoyed himself. The little daredevil simply love plunging into the water jumping off from the platform.

现在流行自拍,我也式一式来个"自拍!” 哈哈哈! 我还拍到妈妈和阿姨在后面谈天聊个不停!

He's really like a fish in the water,像一只快乐小飞鱼。

Re-edited to add following video:

And in this video he has become a 特攻隊小飞鱼!


Wow, i'm amazed Jayden dared to swim in deep pool! And he is swimming very well! Xiao Fei Yu indeed!

p/s : I didn't know those arm bands can be so good leh... hoho, I thot they are just for fun. But think if let ZY try, he will drown! cos he's still scare of water...

oh my! he just plunges right in!! Wahaha!

Zi Yang's mum,
Yea my little daredevil is swimming faster and faster each day... sometimes the daddy can't catch up especially when he runs around the poolside :P

Maybe u wanna get a pair of the arm bands for ZY to try on? Won't drown de and maybe if he knows he can move around more freely wif the arm bands and won't sink he may learn to love swimming more! :)
Alternatively you might wanna get the vest/jacket type like wad Trinity is wearing! Hers seems quite good too!