04 July, 2008

Jayden And The National Flags

A couple of months back, we realized Jayden's enthusiasm on his flashcards was diminishing. At times he didn't want to look at them at all. So Ed and I had come to a point to face that fact that it's time we had to print new flashcards.

The commercialized ones were either a bit too boring, too expensive or he had outgrown many of the titles available. So that's how the car logo flashcards came about.

On top of the car logos, Ed had also made an effort to print out flags of many countries of various regions ie. Asia, Europe, Asia Pacific etc. etc. and on top of that, I've also bought a poster full of flags from Borders and had it pasted on the wall.

After a few weeks he could almost recognized most of the flags.

The task of taking photos and videos of Jayden has become quite difficult these days as the little kid constantly wants to take over the role of being the photographer or the director, demanding to take pics and videos of himself!

Sometimes I really find it amazing how he could memorize and recognize so many flags.... and at one point he even corrected Ed and I when we name the flags wrongly.

I have to admit that sometimes I really feel very tired and slacked on doing the home practice and flashing cards to Jayden. But seeing the results that yield from it all just pushes me forward and stretches me again and again.

It's just not easy being a parent these days, isn't it?


No offense, but it looks like he memorized the order.