02 July, 2008


I've been a bad mommy.

I haven't been blogging about Jayden's progress as often as I should. Even the last post about Jayden identifying car logo was posted by Ed. He got fed up waiting and waiting for me to post it up and thus decided to do it for me instead.

Thanks to those mommy-friends and friends who smsed / sms / called me to check whether am I doing ok? Yes, thanks for all the concern. I'm doing just fine. I just got too much poison. And I'm still being poison.

我真的是中毒太深了。我中了Maplestory 的毒。

After losing my Maple mojo for more than 3 months I got it back again. And this time round 我的毒 is so 深 I just don't want to do anything else but maple whenever the kid doesn't need my attention. I don't even feel like msning my friends, don't wanna blog, don't wanna talk about anything else except Maplestory. My insurance agent (ok he call himself finance advisor but I still think he's an insurance agent) has been trying to call / visit / talk to me about some new discounted riders that I can add onto my existing policies but somehow I'm just simply not interested in listening to him.

I'm still very much addicted to Maplestory at the moment but trying to strike a balance.

So back to the blogging now.

Momoko FTWM,
Sorry for not replying on the question about the language Tagalog earlier. Tagalog is the common language spoken in Philippines. It's my ex-maid who taught Jayden how to count 1 - 10 in Tagalog. No harm learning an extra language! But then it's just 1 - 10 only......

Thanks for calling me and checking on me and I must apologize for the missed calls.... most of the time my mobile phone is turned to silent mode. Gotta meet and catch up one of these days!

And thanks to those mommies and friends who left comments / compliments about Jayden capabilities.... and those who constantly came back to the blog to check for updates and new posts. This bad mommy will try to keep up, post and share more of Jayden's wonderful journey of growing and learning.

Here is a recent picture of Jayden wearing a singlet bought by his 阿姨。

He's looking more and more like the daddy don't you find?...