11 June, 2008

Jayden And The Car Logos

Jayden loves to identify different car logos whenever he sees them on the road. At times he can name them much earlier than we are able to see clearly, all thanks to our failing eye sight.

Besides looking at the logos in the front or back of the car, he is able to tell the make of the cars by looking at the side of the vehicles...how? Well, he will look out for logos on the wheels or window glass...

This is how we introduced the various car logos to him initially.

Now whenever I push him in his stroller on the way to market he would yell out the car logos of the cars on the road. He seems rather proud of himself whenever I say "Wah, good job you are right!"

It's quite and effective way to keep him occupied while we take our daily 15mins walk to and fro the market.

Re-edited post by mommy on 4 July @ 3.30pm


woah, he memorised all! great work! i also dunno got so many car logos wor!

Wow.. Jayden, well done!!